Friday, 9 February 2007

EU PMA Version 1.12 out

Version 1.12 of the EU PMA certificates are available. Since LCG in their infinite wisdom sometimes don't tell you the content, here's what's new, with my annotations:

* Extended life time of root certificate for SlovakGrid (SK)
* Extended life time of root certificate for PolishGrid (PL)

These will cause headaches for people with NSS-based browsers, like Moz and FF, but only for people with certs from these CAs.

* Fixed SHA-1 finger print for new SiGNET CA (SI)

Possibly also this one. Not sure which fingerprint was fixed here. Could just be the one in the .info file.

* Obsoleted Russian DataGrid CA also in RPM updates (RU)

No worries - no live certs.


This is Thailand - it was already accredited by AP Grid PMA. Probably mostly helpful for people using the GOC Wiki - if you import it into your browser.

* Added SWITCH Personal and Server 2007 CAs, removed 2005 CAs (CH)

No problem - just servers and stuff. SWITCH hierarchy is interesting in many ways.

* Changed CRL URL of the NAREGI CA from https to http (JP)

This is good. Serving CRLs over https is asking for some systems to deadlock.
To do https you need to check the CRL. To check the CRL you need to use https. Repeat.

Next version expected around March. Share and enjoy.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

SE issues

We now have SE issues being discovered and reported in a number of ways. It would be useful to list the main ones and any resolutions that have been found so far.