Friday, 23 February 2007

SE-posix test

Here is a summary of a set of grid jobs that I ran yesterday to test posix access to site SEs. The job will eventually become the SAM test for this type of storage access. In summary it lcg-cr's a small test file to the SE, then reads it back again using a GFAL client, checks for consistency and then deletes the file using lcg-del. Passed Passed Failed Passed Passed Passed Passed Passed Failed (both IC-HEP and LeSC) Passed Passed Passed Passed

For the sites that are not listed, the jobs that I submitted either still claim to be running or are scheduled (it turns out that both Durham and RAL-PPD are in downtime). I've tested RAL before and it was failing due to problems with CASTOR.

IC-HEP failed due to there being no route to host during the GFAL read. Possibly the relevant ports are not open in the firewall (22125 for dcap and 22128 for gsidcap)?

IC-LeSC failed with a Connection timed out error during the GFAL read.

Lancaster failed as the file could not even be lcg-cr'd to the SE. There was a no such file or directory error.

I'll run the tests next week once people have had a chance to look at some of these issues. It would be good to include this test in Steve Lloyds existing framwork.

Monday, 19 February 2007

ATLAS Tests Status

Replicas: Finally managed to make a replica at Durham (strange bug discovered). Only Sheffield now outstanding (not the same bug). My analysis jobs now run at Durham (most of the time).

There was a screw up on Friday when my proxy expired and this stopped everything till I sorted it out in the evening. I think I've deleted all the jobs from the record so they don't enter the statistics.

Current Situation (Monday afternoon): Overall 58% success. LeSC, QMUL, UCL CCC, Bham and Bristol seem to be broken. Lancs and RHUL seem to be full (my jobs queue till I kill them).