Monday, 29 September 2008

New IGTF distribution 1.25

What's new? NCHC is back in (Taiwan), new keys not vulnerable to Debian incident. A number of metadata files were updated.
There is a new group, the IGTF RAT, Risk Assessment Team, which covers the whole world, timezone-wise (or close enough). The idea is when a vulnerability is announced via the IGTF, the RAT assesses the risk and alerts the CAs concerned. The idea, of course, comes from the Debian incident where "most" CAs had responded within a week but "most" is not good enough. So the RAT ran a test, alerting each CA to see how long it took to respond via the address advertised in the .info file. Of all currently accredited CAs, about 75% responded within 24 hours (including the UK!), but some took over a week and a second prodding. For many CAs it highlighted communications problems in their infrastructure as mail was being flagged as spam etc; these should be addressed in this release.
From a day-to-day operations point of view, you may be relieved to find the new FNAL certificate updated in the "experimental" folder, since the old one was due to expire soon.

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